4 comments on “Fun with the Sun, the Beatles, and some Gifs

  1. Maybe you can Delilah, at the Salvation Army, ‘cuz it looks like the suit my mom had in 1949.

    See, I don’t want to hurt you but I don’t know if you can handle the truth. You seem to think there’s a tomorrow. Like they’ll be people to have fun in the sun with. Like why would you want a bathing suit anyway? The oceans are radioactive if not entirely dead. Everyhing they told you is a lie. But if you complain, that they set you up, teased you, let you think there was anything worthwhile in this world, let you think you might have fun one day, if you say, “hey, you set me up!”, they’ll turn their backs, they’ll all leave you, ‘cuz you weren’t nice enough. Or ‘cuz you should have known they couldn’t rescue you. But you didn’t know, couldn’t know. But they were just pretending, because they wish they could believe that they might have fun in the sun, too.

    That suit is older than me, and I’m officially an old lady. An old bag lady. If I found that suit at the thrift store, I’d buy it and tell you I bought it at auction for $500,000 dollars so you’d be happy and I could pretend with you that you weren’t going to drown as soon as you stepped into the ocean.

    See, once there was a time when I could get back home again, once there was a time… but you can never go home again. But if you cry about that they’ll tell you time waits for no one. And when you get hurt and confused, ‘cuz you don’t know if they’re saying you’re lazy, or get off your ass and dive , they’ll sing songs that make you think something magical is coming, that your love made happen, but they were just teasing, they don’t apparently have a clue. But they like to make you smile, even though you just want the truth. Then they’ll say fuck you, and you won’t understand that either, but you pretend your do, and that it’s all ok, so they won’t leave you, or disappoint you. But that was a dream and it’s gone forever.

    And when you’re 65, and you open that old trunk, and see that bathing suit in tatters, you’ll say I should have bought some spinach instead. Cuz there won’t be any veggies then, and the people won’t be people but mindless cyborgs. But maybe not. Maybe you won’t know what that suit is. And all the unhappy neurons will be wiped out, and you won’t have to think or feel at all anymore, just do what you’re told. But maybe on another planet.

    Just kidding. You can get that suit and have fun in the sun!

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