One comment on “Exposing the Silent War — Mankind is Under Attack from All Angles

  1. Not on board with the assessment of “Reptilians”, nor criticizing, just looking at it from a Biblical End Times perspective. Yes, indications are that an evil like never before is influencing things with diabolical technology. Part has to do with we fools taking in Nazi “scientists” after WWII and secretly allowing them to continue their toxic work here in the USA. Pandora’s box should have been closed and burned, not indulged and advanced. The Supernatural aspect for me entails the warning about the spirit of the Antichrist being loosed into the world, and the return of the Nephalim, the Fallen Angels who we know will walk among us in End Times, dazzling the unaware with their superior intellect and unimaginable technology. But they are NOT here for good, no matter what any official says. The purpose is to divest humanity from God, take as many as will be dazzled by techno demonology to hell with them as possible. But you are right, there is something horribly wrong. Do not ignore it.

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