3 comments on “World Leaders Gather in Beijing While the US Sinks into Irrelevancy

  1. This remains nevertheless a “lesser power” that is obviously being manipulated by the globalist agenda – and what do they care about the US, the EU, or any other conglomerate of nations they intend to destroy by pitting them one against the other, a process they began around WWI and have continued since. This Chinese meeting isn’t a break-through, just another Janus face on the “hidden” agenda of global totalitarian control. When the US-EU-Miscellaneous empire cracks wide open, this second one will temporarily flow in to decimate whatever local (national) powers remain, then it too will be cracked open… and a one world totalitarian “government” will be established. The observant know this already, of course, but admitting it and changing in order to face it and survive it –
    that’s just too much for most. Best to pretend “something” is going to save mankind from its just deserts. Just sayin’…

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    “The one clear message the Beijing meeting sent out to the world is that America’s «unipolar» vision of the world was dead and buried. Even among Washington’s longtime friends and allies, one will not hear Donald Trump referred to as the «leader of the Free World.”

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    The world has been shifting towards cooperative multi-polar regions of power for a decade now, while the US has been fixated on being the sole superpower and policeman to the world. Trump is trying to transition US foreign policy to be more inclusive, working with Russia, China, Iran, N. Korea, and (hopefully) position/ align toward 21st century reality. Otherwise the world will simply move on without the US.


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