4 comments on “If Chemotherapy Fails 97% of the Time, Why Do Doctors Recommend it?

  1. When my dad was diagnosed with colon cancer, I had to take him to get his chemo treatments every Monday and he was always worse. The man didn’t live a year after receiving chemo. I have no idea why we think that by giving dying people overdoses of what amounts to nuclear waste, that we are helping to cure them. And to add insult to injury, my dad’s church decided that prayer was the answer and so they came to the house to ‘pray him better’. I left before they got there. Needless to say, their praying had no effect on curing my dad’s cancer. I have no idea why I am still amazed at how foolish we can be.

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    • I knew this so I convinced my dad, lung cancer, not to do chemotherapy. At least he had a semblance of living until his last day. My other family members who undertook chemo did not fare as well. They died horrible deaths in order to create profits for the dark lords of Big Pharma.

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      • “They died horrible deaths in order to create profits for the dark lords of Big Pharma.”

        As did many in my family, Lou! It is a crying goddamn shame and those worms that do this to people can actually get into bed and sleep at night. For the love of !!!!!

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      • These evil psychopaths and their lies are being exposed, as more of us stand up to the brainwashed minions agents of the State in hospitals. No more. And Dr Gonzales legacy and strategies must be kept alive burning onwards so he hasn’t lived in vain!
        ht tp://interdimensionalwarrior.blogspot.co.uk/2017/02/cancer-is-metabolic-disease-with_13.html
        ht tp://interdimensionalwarrior.blogspot.co.uk/2017/07/graviola-broad-spectrum-targeted-plant.html
        ht tp://interdimensionalwarrior.blogspot.co.uk/2016/09/refusing-chemotherapy-results-in-4_19.html

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