3 comments on “Secure Team EXCLUSIVE Interview With Dr. Steven Greer (1:20 min)

  1. Dr. Greer seems mostly sincere and I appreciate what his stated goals are, but he also takes information from CIA and corporations, etc. And he has a fairly decent sized ego, which bothers me a little bit. But then again, doctors have egos, which seems to go with the territory. It’s not that I can pinpoint any fraudulent remarks, but I just feel twinges of discomfort when he says certain things and I’m not sure what that’s about. Maybe it’s that he sometimes seems a little naive about how the system works. Or maybe it’s that he seems to think other people can be deceived and manipulated, but he’s somehow immune to that. I really hope he’s being truthful and sincere. Anyway, I think time will tell how honest, etc., each of the parties in this field are.

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    • I think he is sincere. The real truth is difficult to ascertain. I know they exist. I have seen them. You can’t go back from there. The question is, who are they?


  2. Petitioning a corrupt government for a disclosure feeds the distraction designed to keep humans from entering into galactic community. Sent from my iPhone


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