5 comments on “Hanford, Imploding Cities, Derivatives, The NSA And The End Game

  1. I am not sweating this one bit. Not one bit. I, like every other American, sat on my ass and saw it coming and did not one thing. And so, ignorance is bliss until it’s blitz! We all deserve what’s coming and that is a fact.

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  2. Very interesting talk from Dr Stephanie Seneff as well. Now we’re talking Glyphosate and the severe damage this nasty chemical is doing to the human body yet we continue to spray our crops it. Autism, Obesity, Kidney failure just to name a few diseases we have to do battle with because of it. If a little country like Sri Lanka can figure out that Glyphosate is causing liver disease in crop workers and put an end to the spraying then why do we continue to spray, is the fifty million dollar question. The up shot to this is you can protect your bodies immune system from Glyphosate screwing with your gut microbes and proteins by eating Dandelions, Burberry leaves, Burdock root, and a good Probiotic. Sulfur is very important too. Then I think fuck it have your little red pill handy we’re all doomed.

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