One comment on “Coast To Coast:  The Third Secret of Fatima

  1. More of Matrix dis-information. Reason behind Fatima? Or Lourdes? Or all the lesser known “apparitions”? As in the Bible, in most, if not all, cases, only the actual “chosen ones” get to see the being. The rest may sense something, or see a brief light, and sometimes there is a residual effect of instant healing, if only for a very few, and then when popular attention is drawn to it so that something else can be done without being noticed, these effects peter out and die and the whole thing enters into myth. One thing I find fascinating is how “the silent majority” will bring about a major event when it is warned of it, and against it, beforehand. A thought, or wish, in the mind of the elitist apparatus is suddenly sown in the group-think sheeple. Fatima “predicted” WWI (methinks that was one of the prophecies) and purportedly it was a warning against this terrible event, but as history shows, the event took place, and who put it in the minds of the sheeple to have this war if not those who warned against it? It’s how it works. Today we have millions, perhaps billions, convinced we are plunging into WWIII, or that we are living through the end times – ergo, we are, and we will experience the end of civilization. Self-fulfilling prophecies. You can bet the casino on this one.


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