5 comments on “Former top Bush official admits war on Iraq had nothing to do with democracy

  1. Hey, Kinda-Sleazy Rice, only the dumbest of the dumb ever bought the lie about taking democracy to Iraq. In fact, only the dumbest of the dumb ever bought the lie that America has ever had the intent to bring democracy to any country in the world; in fact it’s doing its damnedest best to remove democracy from America.

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      • Well, I said that for the dumbest of the pack to chew on. Of course it never had democracy – ask any descendant of African slaves… or any native. Demoncracy, more likely.

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      • Like Churchill said, “Democracy is a very, very, very, very, very bad thing, but that’s all we have.” (Something like that)


      • Churchill was right about democracy, but wrong when he said it’s all we have. We actually have a mind, and we can all choose self-empowerment. Then we wouldn’t need government and all politicians could go on the dole (welfare) until their house of cards collapsed and then they could find a job, or join the homeless, where they actually belong, being the most useless class of shit-for-brains parasites ever self-promoted.


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