2 comments on “Alcohol Consumption and Demonic Possession

  1. I don’t know that this happens often, but I know that it does happen often to some people. And I wonder if this feeling of being out (oblivion, escape) is what some people are actually addicted to. Just curious.

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    • Yes, I only have a few ice cold Peroni lagers now on odd evenings. There were times in the past I might have liked vodka and oranges or white wine. But it was ridiculous, and unhealthy, and happy to say ive stopped. For a long time now.
      I do think there could be some truth to our spirit deciding to leave when having drank too much. And other entities come in.

      I’m not a fan of him or any of them at all. But I note pronce Andrew doesn’t drink alcohol at all and I wonder if theres some metaphysics black magic reason for this.

      As a side point, when ive read about all the different meditations. SOmeone called Dr WIlson I thinks made a very good point that’s relevant here. That a lot of zen and TM and other meditations, New Age ones too, might cause some benefits, but are actually somewhat harmful, causing the consciousness to leave the body then the person can have trouble coming back to reality and even cause menal breakdown.

      He describes a different type of meditation, where the mind pulls energy down the fronntof the body which has been used in ancient monasteries and good for health and clearing the subconscious mind of traumas. He says its best to keep the consciousness firmly rooted in the body, aware of each moment which I agree with

      Drinking alcohol does give a nice floaty experience but of course too much isn’t good. And spirits like vodka completely destroy the ability to think at all which is intolerable!


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