2 comments on “5 Reasons Donald Trump’s Sons Should Be the First Soldiers Deployed to Afghanistan

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    Since Trump wants to send an additional 5,000 Americans into Afghanistan, to do what? I don’t know. Let him sign up his two sons first! And Ivanka can go too, since she can act as their flight attendant on the way over to Afghanistan. So, contact Trump, I guess, via Twitter and ask him, “How about it Trump??”” Send YOUR worthless, no good family to Afghanistan first!

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  2. If we could get people to understand what the purpose of the western military is, very few would sign up. Still, they’d probably never send their own “precious little darlings” to risk their lives, not that they necessarily love their kids so much, but they’re most likely considered property or assets of the “elite” and have value for that reason if for no other.

    Even if I didn’t know anything about Donald Trump, the fact that his sons are murdering psychopaths on the loose would be enough for me to know that Donald must also be a psychopath and should never have been a father or a president. Anybody can have one that goes off the reservation so to speak but not two or more.

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