One comment on “Russian General: US Wants to Nuke Russia and China

  1. Yes, doubtless the new world order neocons are certifiable. But they are also certifiable cowards, and that changes the hand. Beware playing poker with the Bear. When he says his opponent has the best hand, you best fold: he’s got you. The US numbnuts need their precious profits from their totally out of control military and security enterprises, however, so it’s a catch-22. Eventually they will need to use their nukes to get the “Rah! Rah’s” from the home crowd – as short lived as the euphoria will last. It’s the nature of the beast. Hitler had to invade Russia even if it meant the eventual defeat of the 3rd Reich. That’s where you move from playing poker to dominoes. So far it’s still poker but as we see in Central Asia, the Middle East and parts of Africa, we’re looking at the domino effect – and it don’t look good for Uncle Sam. The Washington Trinch is staring at the world, getting ready to go out and steal Christmas from all the little Who’s and what better way than to incinerate all the Whovilles? Unlike the Dr. Zeuss tale however, the Trinch is not about to have a change of heart – this one doesn’t have one. So we’ll have a nuclear barbecue and whatever survives of mankind and the rest of the planet will wander about a few millennia below stone age level. Cheers, everybody!

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