2 comments on “Addiction is a Response to Childhood Suffering

  1. I don’t hold much to the medical corporate profession, less with shrinkology, and while the article is written with the pen held in a kid glove, the underlying message is: blame something else, someone else, for your problems. That a shrink should wonder about emotions tells it all. A body gives off feelings, and these feelings express as emotions. Knowing this, the key is to control one’s feelings. Once they have become an emotional exhaust stream, it’s too late. But how do we control our feelings? A quote from the above claptrap:

    “What kind of childhood do you want to give your child? Don’t you want to give them a childhood in which they are loved, in which they are respected, regardless? You want to give them a childhood where they are accepted for who they are, where they are celebrated for who they are, where they can explore the world under guidance but with freedom, where they can be themselves and be happy being themselves.”

    Sure, and tell that to the vast majority of people on this world who can’t even find enough to eat; who have no shelter; who are slaves; who are refugees living in fear of everything. The sort of mollycoddling in the quote isn’t going to happen in the REALITY of earth. In tribal days, when we still had some intelligence, children were taught respect for elders, and to take responsibility for themselves. There were rituals a child and young people had to go through to join the tribe as responsible adults. But we don’t need any of that anymore. Just blame everything, go for the easiest way out of any problem – drugs, booze, sex, whatever – then get a load of prescription drugs to help you spend the rest of your life in increasing depression while feeling sorry for yourself because the world doesn’t understand you.

    In my own, rather large family, I was the black sheep, the one to receive to old man’s heavy hand for any and all reasons. But surprise, surprise, I’m the only one who never became substance addicted, or spent time in psych wards. I don’t even do prescription drugs – for any reason. Mind over matter, and that’s for each and every individual to realize, that my life is mine to master, not society’s, whether its in the mood to pamper me by or abuse me. By “society” I include immediate family. Entering a self-destructive lifestyle is a personal choice, regardless of any circumstance.

    This is my loud opinion! 🙂


  2. By the by, there’s an extra by here: “pamper me by or abuse me” so just ignore it. Perhaps it will go away. Don’t give in to it when it asks for recognition or threatens to commit suicide – it’s faking.


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