4 comments on “Trump Was “TOTAL F*CKING BEAST” At Underage Sex and Cocaine Parties But Now He Will NOT Face Prosecution

  1. I’ve always had the impression that this was Donald Trump. A spoiled rich kid, playboy narcissist who believes the rules that regular people have to abide do not apply to him and his cohorts. Just imagine the nerve and arrogance required to have had such a past (and present?) and run for president! But then I guess that’s become a fairly “normal” thing to have such nutcases as presidents.

    The court case of the young girl in the lawsuit seems completely credible to me.

    What I can’t understand are the people who believe that Donald Trump has anything positive to offer to ordinary people as President of the United States.

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  2. Is there any doubt? But consequences? That doesn’t apply to the rich and famous – they make their own rules, and decide who gets fucked; who lives to slave for them, and who is superfluous and dies.

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