5 comments on “White South Africans Are Preparing For “Removal of All Whites Within Five Years”

  1. Africa, before the conquest by white, Christian European imperial pirates, belonged to the people who lived there. They had a way of life entirely different than what was imposed so vilely and violently by white Christian forces. That’s a given, right? (And a given right!) Western “values” were imposed upon the entire continent and it was “regime change after regime change” with artificial borders laid across the land like lashes from a whip on its back. The best of its people were enslaved and slaughtered, driven from their lands, dispossessed and given no way to continue their lifestyles. This the West took to being the right and proper way to deal with people who, according to Christian biblical interpretation, were marked by God to be slaves.
    My point is that this entire continent was destroyed by western capitalistic greed. The survivors of this onslaught never could understand or emulate western capitalistic concepts of private property, land ownership and monetary rules.
    Of course, the removal of white people will result in worsed economic conditions because the economic rules are made by the IMF and World Bank, the modern “white supremacist” imperialists. No one can win this game, but the exploited indigenous populations can’t understand anymore: they are living between worlds, with a mind stuck on a way of life no longer possible but not able to grasp the enormity of the crime western financial policies have locked the entire continent in. When South Africa finally gained its independence from the white supremacists of Aparthheid (pronounced apart-hate) they should have gotten rid of all the whites then and there, but of course they could not because an economy tied to Wall Street needed the whites to run the show under the shadow of a black government that was in way over its head from inception.
    The problem sources way back and its only solution is the complete collapse and demise of the white supremacist capitalist empire currently run by the US and EU banksters.
    (That, in a nutshell, is my point of view – more comments anyone?)

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