7 comments on “Signs of the End Times? (14 min)

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    We will be brought to the absolute corruption through the absolute power if this “goes forward.” Forward should be carefully examined, but too many are not interested in doing that. They are not even capable of properly using the great riches available for today humanity. We should trust them?

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  2. I reject biotechnology in all forms. I reject tampering with nature’s wisdom. I wholeheartedly reject the globalist agenda in its totality. Their plans and goals are not the same as the accomplishment of those plans and goals. Don’t accept them as inevitable — they are not!

    Each body is a sovereign possession of the soul that inhabits it and should never be violated without fully informed and free will consent, free from duress and/or coercion of any type or form.

    This does push me a bit closer to getting off Facebook though.

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    • Hi very interesting mind fellow truthseeker,
      I haven’t read this yet. I’m about to. Because it ties in with the Daily Express thing you showed on 23rd. But of course, the DE and others , have na agenda I’m convinced if we have strong manifestational minds, understanding this is a Manifestational War, a quantum physics war, a Consciousness, subconscious mind war, of Manifestation. SInce our minds are so refined they act at the very fine etheric level, and intertwine with it, and can actually interfere with and create, new weaving of reality. To use a sewing analogy crudely. Therefore the DE 23rd fear fear fear agenda Nibiru fear fear. We must realise the tricks these charlatans are employing

      Neverhtless this CCRG article jumped out at me, I must read it tonight :

      33 Day Cosmic Window Closes on September 23rd
      Final Week of Ordo Ab Chao on Steroids

      Ive never before felt speculator such a deluge of ‘info’ everywhere, and this actually saps my energy and attention, I can only pick at the fringes, then powerfully go deep in if I have ahypotheses I want to explore.

      Having the time, and focus, to watch Youtubes is difficult. Perhaps though this is ultimately helpful for me. Because many interesting ideas and insights seem to ‘arrive’ into my head like coming from outside it. My point is I think it might be working toi my advantage, I’m sitting on the fringe, not taking in every last scrap of alt news I can. It keeps my powers of insight and discernment fresh, and working, I think, and dot connecting insigfhts can still come.

      BTW there was a computer or wordpress problem last night and comments stopped working. So I emailed you (I think it was you), a Nibiru intel comment . If it happens again tonight, ill email again as an overflow, classified intel.

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      • Yes, it is somewhat of a deluge. I just hope the other people who haven’t thought about any of this stuff are seeing some of it too. I’ll try to read this cosmicconvergence article tomorrow.


  3. Hey Spec, what if “the soul” is actually an implant, the “original” implant put in us by the original “inventors” of Earthian humanity so we would function as a slave species of “the gods” and what if the only difference is the time frame, and the fact that some of us have evolved their brains closer to the level of the original makers, and want to take over their place of absolute control over the rest? Life is made up of “what if’s” and we need to expand our views into both the distant past and as far into the future as our imagination can take us, and then make up our own minds, as self-empowered individuals. This is what will destroy globalism or the new “godlings” that have taken over major scientific and technological research and invention, along with the military-industrial complex to enhance its own power. This elite (the modern god clique) knows it only has a few years to grasp absolute power before their corrupt system crashes and they die in the fall-out. They’re the ones facing the end times and petrified by how fast it is approaching them. They’re not so ignorant that they can’t see it’s their own greed and corrupt power that is fueling this end-times scenario. We have nothing to lose, they have everything to lose.

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    • Very interesting thoughts. In answer to your question though, I would just say that I can’t really handle such a depressing thought as the soul being part of the control mechanism that keeps us enslaved although it’s quite possible. If that’s the purpose, it’s not working very well on some of us. Beyond that, I feel that the actual original makers were more benevolent that the ones who claim to be our makers.

      I always forget to click the notification check box so I just saw your comment today.

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