4 comments on “A Chinese Factory Slave Explains Why Manufacturing Jobs Are Never Coming Back To America No Matter What President Trump Says

  1. I don’t think we need a manufacturing boom. What we need is to realize this is our planet. Our responsibility is to care for our planet and all of her inhabitants. There’s no valid reason under the sun why any of us should have to work for a paycheck. It’s unnatural and it allows other people to take charge of our lives. Most of what’s manufactured is just crap that displaces resources from where they should be (inside the planet) to where they shouldn’t be (in a landfill or in the possession or under control of some greedy people). Without the system of employment that we currently have, there would be no need for “welfare” as we know it. Everyone contributes in his or her own way and no one gets to sit around deciding whose contributions are more or less valuable in the overall.

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  2. This is what happened when we let them convince us to leave our lands and farms. We transferred control of our lives from nature to the factory owners and other “jobs” in the cities. What is there to do but to try to learn from our experiences? Can we figure out how to move ahead taking the best and leaving the worst behind us?

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