6 comments on “George Harrison – Give Me Love (Give Me Peace On Earth)

  1. I’ve always loved this. But nowadays whenever I hear someone use the word “lord” or “god,” I wonder which “lord” or “god” is really being referred to.

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      • Yes I agree. But matters would be helped much much more , life would be simpler, evgerything would flow and be simple.
        If we had, a Buckminster Fuller geodesic dome type realiuty not a pyramidal hierarchical one, that encourages psychopaths to riseup.
        The point I’m driving at is.
        Wjhy aren’t toddlers and kindergatens right up to late teens taught beautiful , graded, Nikola Tesla physics multidimensional spiritual truths? That would solve all our issues at a stroke.
        Instead theres fierce resistnce to keep us all locked down, our internal interdimensional circuitry. They don’t want us to awaken at all they are suppressing our chakras.
        Life would be so simple if simple physics truths were explained simply and taught to all. Physics technology suppression I think is a major feature of reality different Breakaway civilisations jealously guarding their technologies.. SOme masquerading as ‘Gods’
        We seem to be on the bottom rung.
        But this suppression is ending I really feel

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    • Yes of course. And I sense God is within us and tis is what our entire sham Trman Show bunch of liars and charlatans and interdimensional child killing abusing deceivers and tricksters, Have sought at all costs to deny us this knowledge and I bring in here NASA lies and 500 yr ld Jesuit lies,

      THERE IS NO EARTHS CURVATURE because the spherical ball earth lie needed to be made to completely silience real TRUTH. And to instead, look to certain ‘leaders’, ‘ gurus’, people whomhold knowledge and wsdom. And we don’t. BULLSHIT.
      The real truth is complex interdimensional technology has been employed to make us feel like noting, and forgetful. Outreaching our arms for ‘gurus’. When its all bullshit. It all lies within

      ONE HUGE EXCEPTION THOUGH. Friendship and affection and love and kindness, are much needed healing medicines needed by so many, not on tis plane , but on the multidimensional planes.
      I do hope for soon and believe me I am alert for and will grasp the right opportunity now when It comes, ive been asleep till now. Someone spcial who will put a loving energetic blanket round me, I’m needing so much.

      I have to say. I think theres an important, powerful, emotional, incredible, and pleasure reason too.That the sexes were divided. And need to get together to experience deep love. us all being hermaphrodites in Atlantis etc seems boring and lacks the incredible magic, by comparison.


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