8 comments on “A 3-Year-Old Boy Recalls Past Life, Locates His Body And Identifies The Man Who Murdered Him

    • Hi we keep bumping into each other meeting like this online, hello again
      I hope youre ok. I’m not doing bad tonight. I simply haven’t the time though to research Zen when I have Interdimensional Free Energy Plasma Technologies Ltd. to get underway, very soon once I tie up many loose ends odd jobs this next week.
      I typed this toight to someone I thought id share
      All this soul recycling. , reincarnation though, my best senses and intel sources say. Is an artificially imposed quarantine situation. And we are rapidly coming to the end of it and the evil controllers know have known this a long time. I have a feeling, soon, there will be no death or linear time. Because the veil between us and the heavens is dissolving.

      And we are all going to be ok. But obviously evil people want to inject fear scenarios into these end time situations when there’s nothing to fear. . My best sense is, a long prophecised central galactic pulse is going to flood and override whatever multidimensional quarantine cobstruct Annunaki or others have created around us. Time is going to start feeling less linear because apparently. Linear time is an artificial cobstruct.

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  1. You kind of “can’t”. You have to discover it yourself. I suggest learn Zen and quantum theory? They go hand in hand.


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