5 comments on “Gang Stalking: Directed Energy Weapon Mind Control Technology

  1. Thanks for posting- I am a victim of this and it really is a living hell. Death is preferable to this but on top I’ve also been destitute and homeless for over a decade! 😦

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    • Have you any idea why you’ve been targeted? I’m sorry to read that you have and I hope you find peace, and strength, and inner relsilience, and spiritual Divine strength from above. To not let them get the better of you and fight back.
      If youre O negative blood this might be a reason.
      its very sad to read you say death is preferable to this. I hope youre k and send you powerful puantum entanglement positive wishes from my heart

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  2. i have written about it! most of it gets destroyed so i hardly bother anymore, kept a diary of it all, they just came down the phone line and wiped it, broke in and wiped the external hard drives….i even dug cameras out of my bedroom and bathroom ceilins, they were nicked back to….surprsied this is still up, although i can’t log in anymore and havn’t been able to do since i posted it, only a small fraction of it…


    i dnt know what blood time i am, but as for the reason….it’s political i think! although there is some CSA involved with my family, it’s only recently thought occured it might be linked….but i’ve been protesting what has happened to this fucked up country for twenty years now…it’s no longer the cuntry i grew up in! was RAF for a bit, turned down MI5….back in ’98 that was, just as i left uni…..i’m an ‘awkward dissident’ as i campaign on these things and try to fight them through the courts before realising there is no point as there is no actual legal system, just a fascade of one…..

    sorry for delayed reply….not been interned in mental prison without trial for life yet….just been catching up on my emails! 😉

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  3. and now it seems they’re friendly firing themselves in Cuba? but people still being locked up in mental prisons when they report it? wtf?

    i can’t watch vids here, but it’s been in the MSM

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