One comment on “‘Use By’ Food Dates Are Responsible For Billions In Food Waste

  1. I”m not sure I buy their stats here. There are problems with modern handling/storing of foods, the biggest being the use of plastics as packing/storage containers. As a 42 year veteran of the junk/fast/fun food industry, I was one of those people who promoted the “best before” date on our corporate packaging due to “taste transfer” and other contamination that happened to products stored on the shelf, or on-line too long. Of course our equipment was blamed, or the city’s water supply, neither of which were responsible.

    Apart from plastic used as packaging and storage, you now have a plethora of chemicals used in the food that really complicates the equation. Throw some chemical in the food to increase shelf life and another demon shows up. The only real way to eliminate lots of food waste is to grow the food locally and sell it fresh daily. Eliminate corporate food chains and their subsidiaries. Of course that is pie-in-the-sky thinking: it can’t and won’t happen in this technologically oriented society. The other la-la land extreme is to synthesize food into capsules, a la science fiction and assuming these capsules have a very, very long shelf life.

    The problem however, may soon solve itself if civilization continues on the current path of social genocide. Bring the population down to under a billion scattered all over creation growing its own food with a minimum of residual technology, or go even further down the scale of evolution to the hunter-gatherer groups, and no more need for “best before” dating. My entire comment is quite facetious, and yet, who knows what happens to the remnant after WWIII? And isn’t that where most people seem so eager to get to? Duhhh, I dunno… pass me another pint…and change the channel, will ya?

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