One comment on “Horror of the Philippines’ drug war (17:44)

  1. Let the Philippines handle the Philippines. (Let’s face it, it’s not the deplorables who mostly got Trump elected and who keep the murderous CIA and Defense Department going, it’s US liberals who might have provided the only chance of fighting against Obama’s and Trump’s fascism), who are not “of the LEFT” as they think and say, but who are wholly FASCIST in their support of the CIA, the fraudulent “war on terror,” the Israeli nuclear threat, the hyper-militarization of domestic police and border patrol, our imperial intentions including “full spectrum dominance,” as well as the Washington think tanks and neocons that really run the government. The only reason this story is being told is that the Philippines is right in the heart of the biggest military build-up since WWII off of Southeast Asia and the US wants war with Russia, China, and Iran. This is why the warmongering New York Times began to demonize Duterte who is actually a leftist and resents deeply the US’s history of murderous imperial policy and violent regime change in his part of world. Duterte is between a rock and a hard place. Still, thousands of people have turned themselves in for rehabilitation at his request. Drug use is at epidemic proportions in the Philippines. The future of the country is at stake as a result. The US needs to clean its own house, shake off its fake exceptionalism and murderous tendencies (and admit to its murderous past in having helped to create such conditions in the Philippines), instead of playing murderous policeman to the world.

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