One comment on “Anarchy vs. Minarchy: Do You Want a Little Government or None at All?

  1. A very well thought out, very well written, article – kudos! It boils down to mental/moral evolution of individuals, and that means taking responsibility for all of one’s life, regardless of circumstances. It means no more whining, bitching and complaining, and no more blaming; no more scapegoating. No more demonizing when things aren’t going our way. I would be at a loss on how to manage “the grid” in a city environment – who would be responsible to build, maintain, and pay, for what, when and how much, without some sort of “authority” at work, and right away, you will have moral corruption, guaranteed.

    There is however a “force” if you will, that can make the impossible, possible, but talk about a Utopian thought: individual compassion for all earth life regardless of consequences to that individual. We are so far from such a state of empowerment it’s hardly worth talking about, yet there it is, and it’s in everyone of us. We CAN choose to be individually selflessly detached, understanding, caring, giving. We CAN choose to eschew the kind of judgment that leads to self-righteous condemnation of others. We CAN all start, today, to talk like Hawaiian representative Tulsi, or act like that Spanish fire fighter who refused to provide security for a load of weapons intended for Saudi Arabia. We CAN also declare such individuals heroes of the people. In other words, we CAN choose to become human beings in which case we won’t even remember what a “government” was, except for the evil it has done.

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