3 comments on “U.S. Drops Largest Non-Nuclear Bomb For The First Time In Afghanistan

  1. I can’t begin to explain how sickening this is. They use other countries and people as guinea pigs for their psychopathic tests and the idiotic mainstream media describes this as if Americans should be proud of their government and its technologies and not be concerned about the amount of debt they’re willing to put onto taxpayers in order to do this incredibly evil act that anyone with half a brain would find repugnant to their core. We’re supposed to believe they would target their own “ISIS”? I think not. Did someone give these maniacs permission to use Afghanistan for their weapons test? Who even gave them permission to build this monstrosity? And to include the word “mother”? it’s just completely unacceptable! I’m sure it’s lots of fun for these engineers to design these things, I wonder whether they’re also psychopaths or maybe sociopaths who feel no empathy, or they just aren’t smart enough to connect the item they’re partially responsible for creating with the death and destruction it causes in the world.

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  2. strange….had heard that they have been using these many times over the last decade and a half….bigger one’s as well! large mushroom cloud was seen over baghdad during the opening days of that war….the largest of these type of bombs is as big as a double decker bus…..and i believe they’re also called thermobarric? or something similar…..basically it’s a type of jet fuel and pure oxygen that is brought together in a very controlled way at the point of detonation…?

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