3 comments on “This Group Wants To Engineer A New Civilization With No War, Poverty Or Hunger

  1. They were able to find a “pristine” area in Florida? That aside, hmmm, it being a “group” its chances of not becoming another controlling apparatus of government or private corporate enterprise are nil. Already it is a registered non-profit, therefore accountable to the corruption of globalist governments. I can’t remember how many such groups I’ve encountered over the years but I’m sure they pass the dozen. The last one I remember had leased lands in the Fijis, and tried really hard to recruit me to join up. Easy: sell your house, invest with us, live the life of your dreams in nature’s paradise. Sure, so I asked to see the rules, and who ran the show: totally top down dictatorship but with a lot of mother nature, Gain and love inserted in the rules.

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  2. A lot of good ideas and logic in their vision, but I don’t think it’s the ultimate. Too centrally controlled. With the right center, though, it could work, at least for a transition period while we figure out how to live and live well without our strict definitions of jobs. When you think about it, most jobs have a negative effect on other people and the planet. So I don’t believe even a four-hour “workday” will be necessary. We will have work, but the work should be a passionate interest instead of something we do to make money so that we can survive. Money will be completely unnecessary when we really learn how to cooperate.

    I would like to visit the facility, although I’ve always said I’d never go to Florida. I definitely like the idea of sharing resources instead of everyone owning a certain item that’s not used very often. This idea isn’t really discussed in the article, but is part of their vision. The architecture reminds me of a new Atlantis or something, which makes me feel a little bit uncomfortable.

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    • Excuse me, Mr. Not-So-Spectacular, but just do tell how this here utopian transition takes place, for us trailer trash with food stamp dependency, disability, and housing vouchers….once the gov’t stops benefits? Or is it not in (YOUR!) clouds, (cards(?), oh whatever, Mr….you know!


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