3 comments on “Aliens, very strange universes and Brexit – Martin Rees’ interview

  1. I agree, an interesting post. Beyond that, I disagree. Here’s why scientists should make political statements: (regarding Brexit, he says, “My concerns are broad geopolitical ones. In the world as it is now, with America becoming isolationist and an increasingly dominant Russia, for Europe to establish itself as a united and powerful counterweight is more important than ever. We are jeopardising something that has held Europe together, in peace, for 60 years…”
    America becoming isolationist? Really? Let’s ask the Russians, the Chinese, the Syrians, the N. Koreans, the Yemeni’s, the Afghanis. Is dropping a “MOAB” bomb in Afghanistan an example of isolationism? Re the EU: What has it been but a controlling front for US interventionism via NATO, for Zionism and globalism? As for terrorism, who are the greatest terrorists on the planet today, but the military-industrial complex?

    Stick to observing your galaxies, Martin, and spare us your mainstream media political views.

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