6 comments on “How US Flooded the World with Psyops

  1. What a great country that provides high-level employment for the criminally insane! Unfortunately, they murder many of the sanest and best among the population too. But who better to lead a psyop program than the highest level psychopaths. Grrrrrr.

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    • Hi again, I’m seriously starting to wonder whether, as a few data points are converging including Shataras comment how she lived previously as a Mer human on Tiamat, before it was blown up in a war. Bear with me while I make this speculation, Speculator…
      Maybe a remnant chunk of the once supermassive Tiamat is now our Earth. And bearing In mind exotic advanced technologies that no doubt could do anything existed….

      Maybe they artificially shored the edges up to contain the oceans, to enable life to continue? What do you think,?

      I mean, its not beyond the realm of possibility the Antarctic ice wall was artificially built.
      That leaves me with the postulations that,
      – Just how accurate has George Lucas been with his galactic wars in our history between good and evil. How much of an insder is he?
      – Where does this leave Santos Bonaccis Toroidal plasma firmament dome model, and Michael Tellinger?
      – Unless whoever stabilised the blown away new earth for habitation, set up an artificial toroidal dome around us. ?
      Id appreciate any trains of thought you have to help me reach the holy grail of truth

      Then ive seen this today which looks like its recent – could it be soft disclosure? https://www.ncscooper.com/nasa-confirms-satellite-crash-into-underside-of-flat-earth/

      ”Pasadena, CA — In what some are calling an accidental and shocking admission, NASA scientists the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) in Pasadena have confirmed that a research satellite has crashed into the underside of the Earth. The late Friday night press release, which JPL apparently wanted to be buried in the slow weekend news cycle, made indirect inferences to the Earth being flat.
      JPL Spokeswoman Kelley Johnston, Ph.D. claims in the memo she authored that satellite P-154-H had gone off course following two days of intense solar flare activity.
      ” P-154-H or as we like to call it, ‘the little bugger,’ started showing signs of stress from the aggressive solar ejections earlier in the week,” said Ms. Johnson in her memo. “We thought we had satellite under control after wrestling with its neutron boosters and telemetry for over the past two days. But sadly its directional control system was too damaged and it basically committed suicide on the underside of the Earth and its turtle.”

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  2. To be honest, Adam, I’m in a sort of readjustment period just now and I’m not prepared to answer your questions in great detail at this time. I don’t know what to make of this satellite crashing into the underside of the Earth thing. I can say that I’m not really a flat earther and it’s not because I think it’s ridiculous or impossible. It’s just that I wasn’t very attracted to the idea. In other words, I haven’t really felt that it made any difference to me. We know that what we’ve been led to believe is almost 100% lies.

    If the Tiamat story is true, I don’t see any reason to believe the Earth is not a part of that planet that either “survived” or was revived by beings who came to inhabit it after the split. Whether, it’s round, oval, flat, or otherwise, I can’t really say. I do feel Michael Tellinger’s information is relevant.

    You have given me some things to think about and look into.

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    • Hi thanks very much for replying to me.
      I’m actually in a readjusmtnet period too, in many ways.
      Readjustment, rewiring, but the underlying machinery in nmy brain is good as I propel forwards with my eye of a needle hope to take me through, my new free energy interdimensional business is going to do great things. Not just start spreading decentralised self buildable 10KW free energy technology to anyone who wants to know. But a DNA Telomere Plasma rejuvenative healing chamber too which will be my second product line.

      I just hope Speculator. Our world, societies, economies, interwoven structures, will remain relsilent and intact relatively, despite the obvious needed deconstruction elements needed with whatevers going on at this time. I hope in the short term my free energy start up is going to thrive and maybe even be a catalyst for the world or local world. And give me a great kick start personally too. Beyond the short term though, I hope all this will be irrelevant and decentralised free energy and sacred Tesla physics starts to become widespread known. And the Satanist deep evil deep state. Starts to understand they have no place in our reality anymore.

      If/ whenever you come out of your readjustment period. If you ever feel lonely, or just bored, or just want a friend, or a burning stratospheric Truthseeking colleague to merge ideas and concepts with, to arrive at Truth. And if you ever want a friend. Please talk to me on my blog http://interdimensionalwarrior.blogspot.co.uk/ and we can talk about anything you want. If youd ever lke to be friends sometime that wold be so nice.

      I say this because, tlaking to you on gumshoe, even though I understand youre in a readjustment period. ( Im in a massive transitional readjustment perod too)
      I just really sensed and liked that you seemed a really intelligent and awakened and compassionate commenter. And I enjoyed exchanging comments and ideas and this is why I keep saying hello,

      But I understand youre in a transitional period ( I am too), I am pleased that thoughts I throw out , might have given you things to think about.
      Il say goodnight
      ]BTW, you might find this interesting or amusing Speculator, I’m number 1 when I did the calculations
      from my name colur, Sorry its a long address


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    • Sorry Speculator I forgot to add. Also my comment didn’t get moderated, due to my extra long link Hopefully its length wont be a problem and will get moderated though.

      I meant to say. You raise an interesting valif fundamental point about flat earth lack of curvature. It hadn’t made any difference to you a lack of curvature , your life.

      Come t think of it. Does it make a difference to me either? Might I be a happier person ignoring the shape, size of our earth, whatever Universities and BBC dictates, And just go along with the flow?
      I’m not being sarcastic, its a serious question for analysis.

      I suspect if I was in a slightly different parallel universe Speculator. With a loving wife to attend to in all sorts of ways, and dishes to wash, and I suppose children to think about too. Id not give a damn about whether there was earths curvature or not. Because id be so enveloped and run off my feet in family life.

      As it happens Specualtor. I’m a single middle aged deeply intense Truthseeker, (43), who deeply recognises all the bullshit scam lies in our world. Deeply recognises solutions pathways out of this. Which I hope to achieve, such as GEET free energy. And deepky wishes for Divine God Natural things.

      Whats my point sending you this message? Its the significance Speculator of lack of earths curvature.
      Since ive undertood theres a lack of earths curvature. It then brings into SHARP FOCUS. The lies on the evening news with ths spinning graphic globe behind the newsreader

      My point is its such a tremendous lie. My hope is, its th Achilles Heel, that will shatter the bullshit paradigm, that supports holds up , the GIGANTIC LIE that exists SUPPORTING THE BABYLONIAN SATANISTS that are operating a worldwide industrial scale child traficcking, killing, raping, sacrificing, filming, breaking bones, murdering, m***urbating, selling films all across the world to elites who are otherwise not particpipamts observers blackmailed.


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