3 comments on “Australian Mandatory Vaccines: “No Jab No Pay”, “No Jab No Play” & PM’s Big Pharma Wife

  1. We know Australia has a government as dirty as any other. Time to start private schools for unvaccinated children only? Seems like a business opportunity to me. Rockefeller/Gates medicine system needs to die a quick death. There is no legitimate right of government or anyone else to dictate or decide what someone must do with or to their body or to children’s bodies.

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    • Hi.
      Sounds like a great business opportunity lets hope these sprout up worldwide. Push is going to come to shove soon. The Satanists are going to push things to a tipping point exposing themselves, with forced vaccinations, and its just not going tofly, its going to rub a lot of so far unawake parents up the wrong way. Not all, but many. Let us remember not to get disheartened, because the underlying feature at its core is the Satanists are acting out of increasing desperation from a position of weakness! It cannot be any other way Speculator despite surface appearances. This Satanist train is hurtling on its way to Game Is Up Central stopping off at Desperation City and going via FranticMeasuresville.
      Right now, Australia’s political leaders are worried about the people they call the “anti-vaxxers.” Why? Because the anti-vaxxers’ message is resonating with the public. Mothers whose babies’ lives have been destroyed by vaccinations are speaking up. Mothers who have raised happy and healthy children without vaccinations are speaking up. The fake medical cover story about the wonders of vaccination is being blown wide open.
      What can be done? Whatever will shift control of children from parents to the State.

      Australia: jail young children without charges; they wouldn’t do that; oh yes they would

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