One comment on “The West is becoming irrelevant, and the world is laughing

  1. Much that was interesting in this piece, but I felt it was undermined by a lack of history…
    Apart from Nazi Germany’s abortive invasion, the millions who died in Russia in terrible circumstances were murdered at the hands of Russians- Lenin, Stalin, Kruschev and the rest. The extermination was carried out by communist governments on their own people… after the Purge of army officers in 1938 and 39 Stalin suddenly found himself without any officers to command his armies against Hitler, and had to dig out the survivors from gulags and prisons to take command again, as one example…millions died of starvation in the thirties in famine caused by Collectivism which forced the peasants off their land… examples are endless…
    And I was not convinced that China was/is a peaceful nation after members of my family, whose regiments were called up during the Korean war, where less than a 1,000 soldiers were surrounded and nearly annihilated by 200,000 Chinese soldiers, and then captured, imprisoned, brainwashed and tortured before being released after the cease-fire.
    So the sweeping inaccuracies about the history I know about and lived through make me wonder how accurate the other statements are, however optimistic the ideas behind them…

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