One comment on “Fukushima Report: Hundreds of Millions of Salmon Missing, Presumed Dead; All Forms of Ocean Life Dying in Stunning Numbers Across Pacific

  1. OK, listen up, this is how it is (or was). Thousands of years ago, after their many nuclear wars on this world, the Anunnaki suddenly left, leaving millions of sick and starving human slaves behind. Their wars had decimated the air quality and food supply. They saw the danger, hopped on their shuttles and took off. {insert big dystopian historical note here}. They were the elites of the day. We are simply repeating the pattern set by the creator gods… not only because we are inordinately proud of our stupidity and ignorance but because the programming that was put in us still runs as intended. Those who still believe that man is “evolving” need a severe lobotomy… Oh, and as a by the way, unlike our great creator gods, there is an equalizing factor this time: no shuttles or mother ships capable of star travel waiting on launch pads and in solar space. Listen and you can almost hear it: one great big Elitist “Oops!…”

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