7 comments on “Populist anger is real, and Canada had better wake up

    • Well done Leslie! You are spreading the truth.
      Globe& Mail

      “Buy? Canadians only

      Re Ontario Revisits Foreign Home Buyers’ Tax (March 10): A tax on foreign buyers is one approach, but how about limiting the purchase of property to Canadian citizens only?

      Foreign investment is flocking here because we have a stable government, the rule of law and they can pile their money (ill-gotten or otherwise) into a great investment that they know will only go up. City governments rub their hands together because our property taxes are based on housing prices, so there’s little incentive to curb price escalation.

      Meanwhile, a lot of Canadians are unable to buy a home in their own country, and rental prices are going up, too.”

      Leslie Martel, Mississauga

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      • They never consider limiting home purchases to those who have Canadian Citizenship. They’d rather have a foreign home buyers tax. Glad you liked it.

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      • It’s excellent. Will it happen? Most likely not. Just like the guaranteed income. Give us another 25-50 years. Rulers never share their wealth or power with the peasants. That’s an historical fact. Therefore, there will be blood. Shame. This species will never learn. More wars are on the way. It seems like it’s the only option the West knows.

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