5 comments on “Every ‘Conspiracy Theorist’ In America Has Just Been Vindicated

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    Hopefully, this is old news to everyone (I said hopefully; reality, very few are awake), but to the few who are just finding out, the Operation Mockingbird Program of the CIA for media control goes back to the nineteen fifties.


  2. Surveillance of the citizenry is very old news indeed. The only difference today is that technology appears to make it look more nefarious, more ubiquitous, but the “secret police” has been alive and well since the Roman Empire in the West, and longer than that in the East. Martial arts were developed by “monks” in secret to combat the secret police in the empires of their day. This massive surveillance is another psy-op: “they” couldn’t care less what people think, say or do, they just want people to think so! If “the people” really believe that “the Deep State” cares about them in a negative way, that instills fear, not rebellion, and fear is all that “the Emperor” and his various Darth Vaders need to rule. And rule they do because the great fear causes the sheeple to worship the Emperor. Call it the Stockholm syndrome at a global level. If people can be made to fear, worship and sacrifice to unseen, unknown deities attested to by priests, so they can be made to worship any great power that frightens them… or in some instances, makes them feel superior to others. Americans by and large (and throw Canadians in that same pot) remain in awe of “their” military power and global hegemony. The propaganda, aided by technology, prevents the majority from seeing how the powers that be are actually destroying the world and eating the non-elites alive.

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