5 comments on “You’re Being Played: Trump Is The Pied Piper

      • I do as well. And this shithole can get blown to bits or Yellowstone can blow or we can all glow in the dark until we fry on the streets for all I care. This shithole needs to be destroyed. It’s only filled with mindless, brain dead drones anyway. It would be no loss. Let the games begin!

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  1. Ecuador sounds very nice! Who knows where we’ll end up? Anyway, I’m glad to see there’s a lot of evidence for my belief right from the start about Trump being a pied piper. I don’t agree about the final disposition of things though because I can’t. In order to do that I’d have to admit that individual “free will” does not exist or that collective will takes precedence. In that case, in my opinion, that would make the whole game a losing proposition and a bust. None of the best ideals of our species would be allowed to come into manifestation. This is completely unacceptable to me. So I still have hope that we can turn this thing around, that the “bad guys” will somehow remove themselves or be removed from our “reality”, and that earthlings can finally live in peace without interference from the “bad guys.” And at some point, we’ll all realize that it was just a game and we all played out our roles as best we could under the circumstances and according to our “level.” And we’ll understand that it wasn’t a game where some win and some lose, but was actually a learning type of game where all have learned and gained something valuable from the “experience” regardless of their role.

    But then if I’m deluded and we really are all screwed…well, I’ll be really disappointed.

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