4 comments on “Americans Are Ditching Their TVs in Record Numbers. Here’s What They’re Watching (13 min)

    • In 5 t o10 years, OLED tvs will be like a retractable window screen and weigh only a few pounds. Roll em up and stick it in your back pocket. Awesome tech, content will still crap tho.


      • Yes, it seems that as the tech. improves, the content reaches new lows of degrading filth. 40 years, give or take without TV and I don’t miss it one bit. OK, so I cheat. I have a friend who collects great TV series on DVD’s and we spend time watching, commercial-free of course. So I own a TV, but I’m not “connected” the the vile network.

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      • Agreed, who wants to pay and support commercial “programming”. Besides, anyone can watch what, when, wherever they want for free, if you know how to torrent. 😉


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