3 comments on “‘A pretty greedy time’ as profits soar for Canadian banks

  1. I suspect Trump’s whole “deregulation” program is going to be the end of the financial system as we know it. This is not a bad thing at all, but we can’t try to hold onto the old corrupt system or jump on any bandwagons without fully and soberly understanding what it involves.

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    • Hi Speculator247.

      Canada Get Ready For A Real Estate CRASH As Government May BAN Foreign Buyers!

      Real estate in Canada has gone from expensive to unbelievable. In 2017, Canadian real estate appreciated the most globally. Officially becoming the biggest real estate bubble of the year. Meanwhile, there are all kinds of dislocations and distortions taking place. People literally can’t afford their shelter any longer. Only those who can buy the home with outright cash will be able to get into the market. Does that sound sustainable to you?


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