One comment on “New Cannabis Patch Treats Fibromyalgia and Diabetic Nerve Pain

  1. I’ve been using a patch for a couple years for my arthritic pain in joints; they work like a charm, and last up to four days. When such a pain site is inflamed, a patch can knock the pain down by half, or more, instantly, on application…. But, I no longer use them, because I don’t need to; I’ve been using Rick Simpson oil, consuming a half-gram a day; this covers a wide range of pain including the ‘background’ nerve humming that often accompanies such stressful incident. I get better coverage of all my pain with cannabis than I EVER got from almost 10 years of taking opioids (Norco, i.e, synthetic codeine, to which my doctor addicted me in 2005…then, ripped me off, simply because I used cannabis products) The arthritis is improved immensely, as are all the other physical issues I have (vision, bowel disease, and diabetes); all have shown immense improvment; I no longer need my glasses to drive, my bowel is working normally (after 35 years off problems), and as long as I eat sensibly, the diabetes is controlled simply by diet & exercise, which I can now also perform….

    Cannabis can cure, or improve, anything wrong with our bodies, because all it does is strengthen and enhance our own immuno- and healing systems, by stimulating and supporting our bodies’ own systems to heal diseases, even those of long-standing… using substances natural to us; our own bodies make, and, use CBD and THC, all the types, as part of our own healing systems….

    I don’t need any further proof; cannabis is probably the most powerful, all-purpose natural medicine we humans can possibly wish for to aid in maintaining good health throughout life….

    gigoid, the dubious (I deserver my title, which should tell you I’m not kidding….)

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