3 comments on “Billions Wasted: Structures Built for 2016 Olympics in Brazil Are Now in Ruins

  1. Why do these poor countries want the Olympics? It’s not all that. It’s short. It takes a great deal of money for a short term boom. And once it is over, the dust immediately starts to settle over the billions of dollars of newly built structures and makeshift venues. The glory days are over and the people are still poor and billions have been wasted. It’s all just ‘stuff and nonsense’. Brazil had no business even vying for the Olympics, what with all its serious woes and issues.

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  2. Shelby, a precious few of the 1% make a lot of money in the preparations for the Olympics. There are kick backs and payoffs of government officials. This is all done in the guise of athletics and prestiges.

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  3. Cons within cons within cons. Without waste, rot and corruption capitalism could not exist. I’m reminded of this quote from the movie Syriana: “Corruption? Corruption’s what made this country great!” screams a wall street trader. Indeed… and now we’re seeing how corruption is making, not only America grate again, but the entire planet. Spaceship Earth: Ship of Fools.

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