2 comments on “Canada: Enbridge pipeline leaks 200,000 litres of oil condensate in Strathcona County

  1. Oh no, not another pipeline leak… Oh well, let’s order the pizza now, shall we? Ok, so what I mean by that is, it’s just so commonplace now, these leaks. Makes one wonder who in any kind of rational mind ever believed that shipping “crude oil” or derivatives through pipelines was a safer alternative than by rail. The operative word was, it’s way cheaper. That’s it, bottom line. Pipelines are extremely vulnerable to all sorts of pressures and stresses: tremors, weak supports or moving ground, surrounding construction, expansion/contraction and increasingly: age. Expect way more disasters, not less even with upgrades. My opinion, and yes I am biased, and even though I signed the Green Peace petition, I’m as guilty as the rest for driving a vehicle and having natural gas heat in the house. Another hypocrite mouthing off.

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