One comment on “This Is One Of The Big Reasons Why So Many Families Are Feeling Extreme Financial Stress

  1. Quote: “We have been on the biggest debt binge in human history, and there is going to be a great price to pay when this immense debt bubble finally bursts. Unfortunately, most people are not going to acknowledge the truth until it is too late.”

    The silver lining here is that as money tightens, perhaps the numbties who relied on borrowed cash to buy their luxuries will learn to stop and think before throwing that patio table or larger TV on the cart. I was looking at the list above and noticed that I use none of the higher inflated price products. There are still a lot of things we can learn to do without and none of that will cost jobs since all of those come from other countries. Maybe we can switch our minds from consumerism to conservativism when it comes to shopping. I know it’s a terribly revolutionary idea and so un-American it makes you cringe.

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