4 comments on “Do People with Social Anxiety and High IQs Have a Rare Psychic Gift?

  1. Yes to both. The reason people experience the negative aspects of empathy is because they keep their feelings bottled up, thus contributing to guilt and paranoia. I just wrote a short story on my blog on this topic. Title: “Is it worth it?” (https://shatara46.wordpress.com/) If these people opened themselves up to self-empowerment and detachment through a compassionate approach to all of life instead of remaining self-centered and boxed in by chimeras they would change the world overnight. That’s why they are kept so tightly drugged up (legally or illegally): so they won’t wake up. Without self-empowerment and detachment it is hell to be an empath on a violent world like this one. I know, being one.

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    • Ive had social anxiety on and off in various crippling guises since early teensbut it really took off in my twenties. its somewhat better now since m enforcing control from my higher mind, downwards, exercising power of the mind.
      Social anxiety and feeling ‘out of synch’ with this relity, is always a feature.
      I know deep inmy heart though, just like is it beauty and the beast (not that I’m a beast). But it will only take the right look, and conversation, and smile, and eye contact and touch caress, and emotional connection, and more dates, And hopefully marriage where I feel totally happy and safe and excited and enthralled, not only by her loveliness. But the fact she wants to be with me and bestows love and kindness and warmth all over me.
      This will eradicate all my social anxiety. I’m hoping tis can happen bfeore 2017 ends

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