One comment on “How the mind treats “impossible things that couldn’t be happening”

  1. also remember they’re just the one’s they admit to, not covered up.

    I’m also UK, another ‘fact’ is that pigyobs in this country basically beat to death around a thousand every single year. Again, that’s just the one’s they admit to…and they also only ‘count’ deaths that occur within 2 days…..they don’t count the one’s that are passed over to the medical system and let them linger for a few days or weeks….you can’t get stats for those. Nor do they count the one’s that get paralysed from the neck down. vegetable on a stick…worse than dead but still technically alive….:-(

    Now i’m also curious on these stats you here from amerika…few thousand every year? mostly black…i know….but two things…are they only deaths by gunshot as I suspect? they don’t count deaths from beatings or the guy that was handcuffed to back of car that they then drove off in for example….?

    and secondly, if you scale it up by population size….is the UK far worse in this regard or better?

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