One comment on “Donald Trump: A Necessary Evil

  1. Good article. The conclusion makes one massive assumption: that the so-called “liberals” learned anything and changed anything during their 4 years on the sideline. Want a bet: they will learn nothing. And in any case the overthrow of DT (delirium trmens or Donald Trump, take your pick) will not a revolution make. It will still be the same flag being moved from one pair of hands to another. For a popular revolution to succeed you need more than anger or frustration, you need DESPAIR in capital letters. America such as it is isn’t in despair, it’s still at the shop waiting, hoping, for the doors to open so it can get fixed. But it’s already “fixed” as in neutered. “No, don’t see any revolution here sir, just some pissed off stupids breaking bank windows and throwing Molotov cocktails. Shoot some of ’em? Yes sir, Roger Wilco!”

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