2 comments on “Delegitimizing Evil

  1. Is that a rational or an emotional comment, Spec? To the concluding rhetorical questions, Ok, what would it take — what MUST happen — for the world to change in the direction of peace, which means trust and the disbanding of all forms of organized or mob aggression? If we are serious about tackling global issues that affect everybody, then we must be serious about dealing with the big picture. Bottom line, what is the real problem with mankind? I’m asking that in the singular: what is THE problem? If we identify that, then we can also identify THE solution. If we cannot identify the problem then any talk about solving “problems” is more pissing in the wind, as we’ve always done; something we are extremely good at doing and it’s not a sign of evolution.
    Having written all that verbiage, would it be terribly upsetting if I said that I happen to have THE solution to man’s SINGULAR problem? I’ve been talking and writing about it for years. Interestingly so far, zero takers. Which leads me to believe it’s because it would work and mankind is programmed to do anything and everything providing it’s guaranteed to never work. Are we programmed to always strive against our own self interest and eventual self-destruction? If we are programmed, can we break the programming? I feel another “essay” coming on… damn, what a waste of time…

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