5 comments on “23-Year-Old Student Who Killed 100 ISIS Militants Now Has A $1 Million Bounty On Her Head

  1. Brave lady…so now her own ‘state’ has declared war on her as well as the state’s enemy? whatever happened to the enemy of my enemy….? seems everybody is the enemy now, PTB made it that way…

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  2. I dunno, but something doesn’t add up in this story. Too many great and convenient shots, as if she is in a photo shoot. Smells of propaganda, problem is, whose propaganda? Last year, was it only last year, poor Assad was the hero of Syria against the bad ISIS who were propped up by the very bad US military. Now a Syrian sniper has a $million no less, bounty on her head for killing 100 ISIS bad guys. She’s the enemy of… hmmm, Denmark? What’s Denmark got to do with the price of eggs in Syria anyway? So, the enemy of our enemy is not our friend but an unfriendly because he’s the enemy of the enemy of the enemy of. Sure, why not. I don’t buy this story… at all. Ever heard the saying, “something’s rotten in Denmark”? Sometimes you smell rotten eggs and realize it isn’t sulfur, it really is rotten eggs. And now, ladies and gents, for the million dollar question: who is putting up the million dollar bounty? Seems to me that would be central to the point of the story. I went through the original of the story on Bored Panda and got nothing more. When something is too good to be true, it usually is.

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    • all good points….but i think the overiding point still is the problem of the state…arbitrarily deciding who the good and bad guys are, who deserves to be murdered/ raped etc…..similar laws in the UK as well but because of the way they have had to frame these laws they some how ‘feel forced’ to prosecute somebody who is effectively on the ‘right/ same’ side as they are…and we’re talking about somebody here who doesn’t get paid by the state either and probably 100 times more effective than the average pleb just blindly following orders….it’s all well beyond fucked up, these aren’t criminals or terrorists (that word doesn’t actually mean anything) it’s just people fighting for their cause….I suspect there is a lot of truth in this one so i say well done to her….I would love to take up arms if i weren’t such a coward and under constant surveillance….but who do you fight against is the problem? most immediate problem is my state….but if there is truth in what ISIS has been doing also they’re at least just as worthy…..but of course ISIS wouldn’t exist, if it really does, if it weren’t for what my so called state and the rest of the buggers are doing….

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      • The whole thing is nonsense IMO, like a real Hunger Games and we’re the spectator participants without a clue as to why the Games must go on, except that our “President Snow” says they’re necessary and that’s all we need to know. I’d still like to know who’s putting up the $1M bounty on the cutie’s head. I think this is pro-Turkey propaganda piece, and she’s a paid model. Scan through the images again, notice how clean her uniforms, particularly her shoes, are. Even the soles are clean… give me a break, I wasn’t born last night… When you’re in the midst of a real war, the first thing that happens is you get DIRTY and SWEATY, and that leaves marks. Never saw a person in active combat without a spot on the pants’ knees… a telling point. Every shot is a deliberate pose. I tried running this on Snopes but they have nothing on it.

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  3. well, yep….but those propos could still have been shot first thing, before she actually went into war….is the other side of the coin. yep, good looking woman from a foreign land coming of her own free will to fight with them…of course the propo unit would have been waiting for her….;-)

    but also true you cannae really believe anything u see or read these days for sure….shit happened to me, i wrote it down but even i can’t believe it when i read it back for example and it’s still ongoing…..the truth is often far more bizarre than fiction!

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