3 comments on “Satan’s Secret Agents: The Frankfurt School and their Evil Agenda

  1. They did a hell of a job. But I’m hoping their efforts will result in a backfire. By dividing people from their cultural values and morality, some have clung even more tightly to their religious and patriotic values, and some have taken the opportunity to reach deep inside and find their own morality and values. It seems more and more people are doing this.

    Very interesting and informative article. Thanks for posting!

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    • Excellent article very pleased you’ve posted this! Glad our Rabbi friends and Jenji Kohen are getting a light shone on them!

      The invisible insidious yet clear to see hand of the Jewish Marxist Talmudic Twisted Sicko Antihuman AntiGood Frankfurt School and their sick aims and agendas…….Part of the problem of why we are in the situation were in is because SADLY TOO MANY OF THE GENERAL PUBLIC HAVE NO IDEA OF THE FRANKFURT SCHOOL AND THEIR SICK AIMS AND INSTEAD ASSUME ALL THE CHANGES IN SOCIETY NOW ARE JUST ”NATURAL” WITH NO HIDDEN HAND ACTING.

      We must shout from the rooftops who and what the Frankfurt school really is and what our Jewish elite international Jewry friends are upto to split apart the sacred sanctity of the nuclear heterosexual family of a man and woman falling in love, going to bed, making babies, and creating strong families and strong stable sane community structures and towns and socieities. The Frankfurt School doesn’t want this, wants it all eradicated with cultural Marxism in its place,

      What Is Cultural Marxism? The Milennium Report
      ht tp://themillenniumreport.com/2017/03/what-is-cultural-marxism/

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