One comment on “Found: A Lost Continent! (Really) (1 min)

  1. And we should be surprised, maybe even shocked? The dumbest people on earth are those who pass themselves off as the smartest. They have no clue what sort of world they are living on, or in, or better put, that lives under and around and above them. These insular “scientific” idiots belong in cages for promoting their bigoted ignorance day after day, and charging for it. They should have little booths where they charge $76.83 per hour to read fortunes. Why am I ranting about this? Because these certifiable idiots purport to “explain” everything while systematically rejecting all evidence presented to them that doesn’t fit their minuscule preset paradigms. They’re not investigators, they’re priests of religions of Einstein, of Darwin… or even Baphomet. Of course earth is full of surprises, and the biggest ones are as obvious as they are… well… obvious. But let’s never forget this quote from a shining light of physics, Lord Kelvin: “”There is nothing new to be discovered in physics now, All that remains is more and more precise measurement.” (that fiat pronounced around 1900 AD) and “”X-rays will prove to be a hoax.” Same kind of brain found in Washington, the Pentagon and increasingly, at NASA (Never A Straight Answer Inc.) OK kiddies, let’s take it from the beginning again and repeat after me: “Earth is a living, sentient being and like all living sentience, it can think, and it constantly changes.” Yes, it has superimposed continents and continental drift. Yes, it’s temperatures and waters and lands continually shift and change. Yes it experiences “climate change.” And yes, it does have a history that man can never be a part of, and will again have a history that man will not be a part of. Earth makes the rules here, not man.

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