3 comments on “11 Good News Stories You Probably Didn’t Hear About

  1. Ok, sure, on the surface, that’s good news. But that’s it: they’re surface good news, not depth. None of these things really point to a problem solving condition, except perhaps the solar plane. Plastics production is on the rise, not decline, sorry. And as long as populations continue to grow exponentially, all the “protected” areas continue to be threatened, and resource wars will not hold them sacro-sanct. Do I believe the stats on US carbon dioxide emissions? Yes, and no. Mostly it doesn’t matter because natural gas comes from fracking, and hydro power destroys vital water sources so one solution increases two other problems. Ivory trade over? No, it will only push it underground and the ivory will increase in value, hence more poaching. Get it? The problem is humanity and human nature. And when a problem is in charge of solving a problem, you just have more of a problem. Look at government corruption, in case you don’t understand what I mean.


    • I did try to look for positive stories out there. You are correct of course, as they all seem contrived and forced on us. Has reality turned sour and ugly?


      • If we honestly engage our human reality, my conclusion is, yes, it has turned sour and ugly. There’s always denial but that’s never worked for me. I appreciate your effort at looking for good stuff out there. There is good stuff done by humans, but it’s small scale, and what catches my attention is the large scale, the big picture. Like walking in an art gallery, you see a painting, and it’s the whole painting you see, not that little blue dot in the left-hand corner, even if the blue dot is particularly pretty and shiny. You won’t remember the blue dot, you’ll remember “the Painting.” I don’t think that can be helped, not if we’re engaged with our overall reality.

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