3 comments on “Trump’s First 10 Days in Review – Are the Signs Good or Bad?

  1. I’m not too confident about the fact that the TPP was banned. They all want a lot better situation for themselves and their friends and a lot worse situation for the rest of us. Who knows what else they have in store down the road?

    Is Trump a liar and a phony? Of course! That was obvious right from the start. Has no one ever seen his TV shows? Does he not own hotels and gambling casinos? Does he not have a young a beautiful wife who used to be a model who probably ended up as first lady of the U.S. because of some monetary arrangement with her husband, rather than love? I can’t say for sure — but look at her and look at him. Do you think they love each other? Do you think Trump loves anyone?

    Religious conservatives that I know were saying how Trump has to be a good guy because he’s got a great family. Where? Ivanka is a junior mogul in the hotel and casino business. What kind of people are moguls in the hotel and casino business? Crooks, Jewish guys, mafia. The two older boys are savage murderers of endangered animals and spoiled rich kids pretending to be junior moguls. Tiffany is the one nobody wants to talk about. I don’t know why. And do we really know anything about Dylan other than he always looks bored? Trump’s wives may all have been golddiggers, or you could say “ambitious” women. It just seems bizarre to me that religious conservatives would believe this is what a great family is like.

    He’s a buddy of Sheldon Adelson and Benjamin Netanyahu and other Zionists within the U.S. government. These people are not on our side. Duh!?

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