5 comments on “Shocking Graphic VIDEO of Non Isis Afghani Mob Murdering Woman With Extreme Prejudice (8 min)

  1. All “organized” religions are sourced in evil – I know this, having been raised and lived half my life in the world’s #1 religion, starting with Catholicism (’nuff said!) and moving on to born again “fuddlementalism” (less said on that the better) until “rescued” by non-earth smart guys I call the Teachers. Having said that, the world’s worst organized religion today is Islam. I don’t care what their “good book” says, nor do I care that some of their imams and other leaders may be peaceful, but what one must look at is how it comes out in the political and societal wash – like any other faith-based religion: what does the average MAN do wit it? This video says it all. I also contend that Christianity’s current relatively mild approach to the world is due to lack of political clout and opportunity. Put it back in charge and the burnings, stonings, tortures, rapes, etc., etc., so prevalent a few hundred years ago will all come back, and with a quadrupled vengeance. The problem is religious faith. If you can be made to believe in imaginary gods, angels and demons without a shred of proof, you can be moved to do anything your religious figure heads want you to do, and that includes torturing people to death. Why not, as in the case in this video, if there is no penalty?

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    • Because they’ll say, “that’s the way it’s always been”.
      Let’s not judge to harshly as the West has its share of historical horror moments. Heck, we are still doing it: Has anyone heard of water boarding? Solitary confinement for years? Rendition bases, AKA, torture centers? Etc.
      I admit that this video upset me. I can’t believe, yes I can actually, that humans could do such acts of barbarity.
      We must get rid of stupid archaic belief systems, and yes this includes most religions.
      This species needs to evolve. The present status quo keeps us in the dark ages of the mind. Pity, as we are wasting precious time to do what we must: Eradicate poverty, homelessness, wealth inequality, housing and food for all, and freedom to be humans not slaves. Oops, I went “utopic” there for a moment.

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  2. OH my God… NO! We wouldn’t want to start thinking utopic now, would we? That’s definitely a banned substance. Imagine some a-hole wanting the best for everybody: promoting total anti-social bullshit, definitely deserving of a violent and painful death…


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