9 comments on “First Lady Melania Trump’s Topless And Naked Photos That President Donald Trump Does Not Want The World To See

  1. She’s a beautiful woman so what. Just a smear campaign from the left b/c Moochelle and Hillary have no class and looks… there’s a reason dirty old bastard was caught looking. 😉


  2. You go girl!!! If you’ve got it, flaunt it. So, exactly where’s the harm, or should I say, who’s getting hurt by looking at a gorgeous female bod? Or do we prefer Obomber’s drone attacks on schools, hospitals and wedding parties? If respect came into it, I’d have a whole lot more respect for the Donald-Melania marriage relationship that the Bill-Hillary one. At least this one’s honest (and this may be the only bit of transparency in the Trump admin., so let’s enjoy it.


  3. Amazing! Most beautiful First Lady we have ever had. Americans need to understand European modeling is quite racy. Same people that would slam Melania praise Bill Clinton. There’s a big difference from modeling to what he did. Angry hipocrites. Shame on women especially in this day and time that choose to tear down another woman.


    • Your thinking is not the shiniest bulb around but everyone is entitled. (I admit to coveting eyes when I look at her. It’s all fake shit tho, you get that?


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