5 comments on “First Lady Melania Trump’s Topless And Naked Photos That President Donald Trump Does Not Want The World To See

  1. She’s a beautiful woman so what. Just a smear campaign from the left b/c Moochelle and Hillary have no class and looks… there’s a reason dirty old bastard was caught looking. 😉


  2. You go girl!!! If you’ve got it, flaunt it. So, exactly where’s the harm, or should I say, who’s getting hurt by looking at a gorgeous female bod? Or do we prefer Obomber’s drone attacks on schools, hospitals and wedding parties? If respect came into it, I’d have a whole lot more respect for the Donald-Melania marriage relationship that the Bill-Hillary one. At least this one’s honest (and this may be the only bit of transparency in the Trump admin., so let’s enjoy it.


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